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Studio Chaponnière also has programs for people wishing to recharge their batteries and regain balance, harmony, and well-being in a shorter period of time.

"Vitality" cure helps to "deflate", loose 1 or 2 kilos and regain vitality. Our philosophy remains the same and we propose a detox diet and infratherapy treatments for 6 weeks. This allows the body to relax and encourages it to rid itself of toxins more easily, to regenerate and to feel fit again.

Results & Benefits

• Detoxify the body of heavy metals and toxins
Boost metabolism and cell regeneration (and burn calories)
Strengthen the immune system
Increase vitality
Reduce fatigue
Rejuvenate the skin and unify the complexion 


Vitality program

  • The program lasts 6 weeks including;
    A detox diet, weekly coaching and 6 Iyashi Dôme treatments 

    CHF 950 .-

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