Iyashi Dôme®

In accordance with the purest of Japanese traditions, the Sauna Iyashi Dôme® is a global infratherapy treatment. It is risk-free, non-contact and a gentle and powerful technique, using far infrared rays. These waves stimulate cell regeneration and the elimination of toxins which  improves metabolic function.

Stress, an unbalanced diet, pollution, and negative emotions all affect our bodies and constantly push it to its limits. All these factors contribute to the accumulation of waste in our bodies. These toxins have an effect on our health, our aging, and our natural resistance to sickness and disease.

The Japanese sauna Iyashi Dôme® affects the whole organism, it rebalances your body naturally and in depth to encourage harmony and overall well-being.

The benefits of Iyashi Dôme®
This infratherapy technology has many benefits, including weight loss, which has been proven by medical studies (2013, Dr. Philipp Blanchemaison, University of Paris VI).

The second benefit observed in medical studies is the elimination of heavy metals including nickel, lead, chromium, cobalt, copper and particularly aluminum. The skin also shows a marked improvement. Measurements show an improvement in density, radiance, hydration, homogeneity, luminosity, and elasticity as well as in texture and wrinkles.

What happens during a session of Iyashi Dôme® ?
During an infratherapy session, the user is placed in the dome with the head outside. The intensity of the wave is adapted according to each person’s needs. The treatment lasts 30 minutes. The first phase feels similar to sunbathing and the second phase feels more like an intense sporting activity as it causes heavy sweating. The technology is therefore different from a traditional sauna where sweating is caused by thermoregulation and reaches temperatures of around 90°C. With the Iyashi Dôme, the maximum temperature is 60°C.

Results & Benefits

• Boost metabolism and cell regeneration (and therefore burns calories) 
• Detox the body of heavy metals
• Relieve muscle tension and pain and achieves deep relaxation
•  Accelerate recovery from intense sport
• Rejuvenate and brightens skin and complexion
• Strengthen the immune system
• Improve sleep quality


  • 1 session of 30 minutes :
  • Subscription of 5 sessions :
    450.- instead of 500.- / Validity 7 months
  • Subscription of 10 sessions :
    850.- instead of 1000.- / Validity 12 months
  • Extreme relaxation duo/combo :

    1 Iyashi Dôme session of 30 minutes
    + 1 massage of 60 minutes


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