The Founders and their vision

We are Arev and Tania, two epicureans, from Geneva with multiple origins, two entrepreneurs and long-time friends. We have different backgrounds but similars journeys inspired us to start Studio Chaponnière. We have built on our professional experiences in law, real estate, marketing and banking, and our personal lives as dynamic mothers, wives of busy husbands who are crazy supportive, to re-invent ourselves and create Studio Chaponnière.

Through our professional careers, we are experts in personal support and the implementation of projects. We are both passionate about nutrition and have been interested in it for a long time. We have perfected our knowledge in the field through ASCA and RME certified nutrition training. We continue to train ourselves in the challenges of nutrition on health as well as in the techniques we offer such as Infratherapy and Endemology.

We interact with a wide variety of professionals and methods, and we have an in-depth knowledge of the well-being industry. We have a common vision which involves the establishment of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, while recognising the challenges of  contemporary life and the importance of taking pleasure in life. We are against the excesses of aggressive techniques with random results and against the concept of stereotyped and artificial beauty.

Our desire is to allow other women and men to benefit from our successful experiences to achieve a healthy and light body. Our added value is that we offer personalized support infused with our own positive and constructive approach. We personally commit to our clients and devote all our attention to helping them succeed in their transformation of lifestyle. Our ambition is to be different by offering an alternative to “classic diets” where the person is left to fend for themselves, and yoyo dieting is almost inevitable.

We are convinced that repetition and the creation of habits are essential in everything we do, but especially to maintain our weight. We offer more than a weight loss program; we offer new habits and a new lifestyle to achieve a healthier version of ourselves.

These pandemic years have shown us how health is the foundation of life. These last two years, it has also become clear that the criteria for success are changing. A career and material comfort are no longer enough to create happiness. Now, health, both physical and mental; well-being; enough free time and a feeling of self-confidence are being used as yardsticks of success. Studio Chaponnière wishes to accompany you in discovering this marvellous process of well-being.

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