Massage / LPG Sculpting

Studio Chaponnière offers various massages and therapies designed to free your body from blockages and tensions, and to offer you a unique and beneficial moment of cocooning in a relaxing space.

Signature massage

The draining massages provided by one of our experienced collaborators will help to stimulate drainage in the tissues and reduce cellulite. Massage stimulates blood circulation and encourages the production of collagen essential to ensure the cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of tissues.

Studio Chaponnière practitioners also offer massages that consist of pure relaxation techniques and a pressure technique along the meridians.

LPG treatment for the body

LPG treatment is an endermology technology that restores optimum circulation, activates the elimination of stubborn fat, reduces the dimpling effect produced by cellulite and firms the treated area.

With weight variation, pregnancies and the passage of time the skin gradually loses its tone and suppleness. The LPG care packages that we offer are ideal for restoring tone to the areas of your choice. Moreover, the Iyashi Dome and our targeted massages are an efficient and powerful combination to improve relaxation in your body. Our specialists are also able to provide you with advice for deep muscle strengthening (after childbirth or an accident for example) and, of course, after weight loss.

Our program is a holistic and harmonious combination of methods which we have found are the most beneficial for sculpting your silhouette and making your weight loss journey successful.

Results & Benefits

• Sculpt the silhouette
• Stimulate metabolism
• Stimulate lymphatic circulation


LPG Body treatment

  • 1 session approx. 30 minutes :
  • Subscription of 5 treatments :
    450.- instead of 500.- / Validity 7 months
  • Subscription of 10 treatments :
    850.- instead of 1000.- / Validity 12 months


  • Signature massage
    180.- (60 minutes) or 270.- (90 minutes)
  • Subscription of 5 Signature massages of 60 minutes :
    850.- instead of 900.- / Validity of 7 months
  • Subscription of 10 Signature massages of 60 minutes
    1'800.- (11th massage for free) / Validity of 12 months
  • Extreme Relaxation Duo:

    1 Iyashi Dome session of 30 minutes
    + 1 massage of 60 minutes


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